Thursday, 12 July 2012


The coffee at work is shit.  It's free, but it is still shit.  My thermos from home will usually get me through the morning but there are often days when I need some more fuel and I absolutely dread pouring a cup from the sludge machine in the lunch room.

I'm not alone.  Everyone in the engineering office hates the coffee.  We've tried various solutions.  We've lobbied management for a better bean, we've made trips across the parking lot to the McDonald's, and before vacation I'd started bringing in two thermoses.  Other people point out maybe we should be focusing a little more on engineering and a little less on coffee.  Those people fail to comprehend that coffee fuels innovation.  We deride and shun these people.

But I think I've got this little problem solved.  I was feeling a little nervous about spending a week at the cottage without my Keurig machine so I bought a smaller unit just for the cottage.  After the cottage, I brought it into work.  It now sits on my desk in full defiance of all 5S mandates.  And I've made my first cup and it is glorious!

There's still some kinks to work out.  I need to install a water delivery system and maybe a small fridge for cream.  But, for now, I am quite pleased with myself.


  1. You mean, the company hasn't agreed to bring in a better bean?

    1. I know eh? I even told them what a raving success the Better Bean Initiative was at Welland Works!