Sunday, 15 July 2012

Ce-RVix Removal

This weekend was the end of the road for my trusty old Ce-RVix.  Sent her off to a farm down the road.  The final straw was Jen mentioning a noise coming from underneath the car the last time she took it out to the store.  I drove around the block when we got back from the cottage and there was indeed a significant rattling.  Didn't take long underneath the car to spot the rear drive shaft hanging off the mid hanger bearing.  The u-joint connecting the shaft to the rear differential hadn't just failed, it had evaporated.

Enough.  I was completely fed up.  One of the guys at work has a son who works at a Honda dealership and he said that they see this quite a bit.  And you have to replace the whole shaft, you can't just replace the failed joints.

I'd been a huge Honda cheerleader up until this year but this was just too much.  These are disposable vehicles.  I don't think I'll ever consider another Honda after this.  There was no warning about the u-joint, no noise, it just disappeared. 

So it's gone.  Traded for the cost of 3 years of snowmobile storage.  Not a great end.  I do have to remind myself of all the trips and snowstorms it got me through.  All the loads it hauled.  I could have just removed the driveshaft and kept it as a front wheel drive vehicle.  But I just wanted it gone.  The space it took up was more valuable than the car itself. 

And so ends the mighty Ce-RVix.  Not with a bang but with a whimper.  And a lot of rattling.

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