Tuesday, 5 June 2012


I don't watch or listen to the CBC much anymore.  But it's the playoffs so you pretty much have to go to the CBC if you want to watch any of the final round of the Stanley Cup.  And in the mornings, when I turn on the TV while making breakfast, the TV pops up with CBC News.  It's been a good change of pace.  I actually find myself informed on the news of the day while I scramble up some eggs.

But things took a dramatic turn for the worse a couple days ago.  Instead of an update on the latest economic crisis or the whereabouts of that freak from Montreal, I got a five minute rundown of the weather situation through the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations.  I had no idea such a thing was going on or why I should give a shit.  I patiently waited for the next news segment only to be greeted to another 5 minute block of Jubilee related information.

I changed the channel in disgust.  When did the CBC turn into such a royalist douchebag of a news organization?  And when did we start over-celebrating 60 year anniversaries?  I can kind of understand people losing their shit over a prince getting married but I am dumbfounded that they are making such a huge deal over 60 years of a queen being a queen.  Yippee.

And then this morning another dose of Jubilation!  It seems like CBC is only breaking their Diamond Jubilee coverage for those few hours of hockey coverage every other night.  Unreal.  Can't wait for LA to wrap up the championship so I can get back to not watching the CBC.

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  1. Interesting - I listen to cbc for hours on end and never heard one damned thing about the jubilee. I did hear that 10-15 people were waiting at the Fredericton Airport last month for Prince Charles and what's her name to arrive. I'm not sure whether to blame Chuck or NB on that poor attendance.