Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Friends of ours that have retired usually head out west each summer in their compact RV.  It's become a bit of a tradition (2 years running!) to see them off with a brunch at the Ancaster Mill.  I posted last year about the get together and it's still as awesome as it was back then.  Our waiter wasn't near as entertaining as the one we had last year but all was forgiven as I sat down to this, my first plate of the meal:

Now THAT'S a breakfast!

Besides the food, it was good to see a lot of the John Deere crew again.  Best of luck to Joe and Judy on their latest cross-Canada adventure!


  1. OK, it IS a tasty looking breakfast. But it also just looks like they piled whatever was left over from last night's dinner on a plate. Presentation is obviously not key here. But I'd eat it. Most Def!

  2. It's buffet style so the presentation and selection were all of my own doing.