Saturday, 12 May 2012

What's TBone Watching?

Right now, I'm watching a computer monitor at work.  Stupid work.  But I thought I'd recap what's been going on, tv-wise, since we finished The Good Wife.  After The Good Wife, we moved on to Breakout Kings.  I mentioned this before, solid, entertaining show.  It can be a bit contrived and more than a bit violent but a surprisingly fun way to kill an hour.  There's only been 2 seasons and I was really worried they were falling into the lazy writing trope of giving the show a Moriarty-like arch nemesis.  This has ruined shows like Criminal Minds and Castle and Mentalist.  The arch villain who is capable of anything and has taken a personal interest in our protagonist(s) but always seems to elude capture.  I don't need this.  Just shut up and do the weekly bit that made me like your show to begin with.  But I was relieved to see how Breakout Kings resolved the nemesis situation.  Very well done.  I recommend it.

So, after Breakout Kings we started combing Netflix for other shows.  On Netflix's recommendation, we then started watching Kidnapped.  One season, 13 episodes, and apparently it aired on NBC in 2007.  I don't remember even hearing about the show when it aired.  It's no wonder it didn't get renewed.  A terrible show.  Terrible.  It stars Jeremy Sisto and Delroy Lindo as the anti-hero and hero, respectively, who go about trying to recover a kidnapped boy, BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!  I like these two though.  They gave me hope early on.  But any hope they offered was crushed by the presence of one Dana Delany.  I seriously don't know how she keeps getting work.  She has the worst screen presence.  I've hated her since China Beach.  Admittedly, the writing doesn't help her out in this go around.  And the kids, my god I wanted to punch each of these three whiny little shits.  The middle kid is the one who gets kidnapped but I really wished they'd all been taken and set adrift in an air-tight sea container.  There's some fun in spotting all the character actors in this show and figuring out where you'd seen them before without resorting to imdb.  But overall, skip this one.

And now we're on Leverage.  Timothy Hutton stars in this one (as well as Kidnapped) and that made me wary.  But it seems to be a goofy fun kind of show.  More along the lines of Burn Notice but, tragically, without any Bruce Campbell.  Kind of rough around the edges but there's 4 seasons of episodes and a 5th season starting this summer, so hopefully things smooth out as we progress.

Season finales have been going off all over the place, so hopefully Netflix gets some deals worked out soon so there's something to watch this summer besides the friggin summer olympics.


  1. Nothing on the squee-fest that was the Castle finale?
    Still grinning, over a week later. Just further support for Nathan Fillion being on The List.

  2. I may be done with Castle. It's infuriating. You can ask Jen, I was literally yelling at the TV. No squee-ing. Just yelling. Good to see Helo from Battlestar Gallactica and Dollhouse still getting work though.

  3. I forgot all the suckfuckery that was Season 4 with them making out in the doorway. ALL TEH FEELS!

    The plots are crap but who cares, Caskett is CANON (as the Tumblr kids say)

  4. The Johanna Beckett storyline has got to be put to rest, that thing is like the song that never ends.