Saturday, 12 May 2012

TBone's Movie of the Week

I'm pretty sure my reaction was the same as everybody else's when they heard that there was going to be a modern day movie remake of 21 Jump Street.  Complete and total disgust.  Another remake?  Please.  And am I wrong or was 21 Jump Street really not that popular when it was on TV.  I knew that it was a show that existed at the time but I don't recall anybody ever saying "Holy shit, I have to get home.  21 Jump Street is on in 20 minutes!"

Then I heard that it was going to star Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum.  Seriously?  Yah, I was going to take a serious pass on this one.  The trailers only confirmed my suspicions that this was going to be a bomb of epic proportions.

And then the reviews came out.  And they were glowing?!?  How could I have totally misread this film?  I had to see it to gauge how out of step I might be with my current sources of criticality.  Perhaps I would need to change up the movie podcast selection.

But they were right.  Against all odds, this is a frigging hilarious movie.  And even more surprising was the fact that Channing Tatum is an extremely good comedic actor.  I never expected the star of Step Up and Step Up 2: The Streets, to amount to anything but hard body eye candy for the ladies that watch shite like Dear John and The Vow.  I was shocked at how many more laughs he delivered than anybody else in a solid comedy where everybody was stepping up with some great lines.

Definitely recommend this movie.  I think it's the hardest I've laughed since the Hangover.  Heads up for an awesome cameo and, if at all possible, drop some acid before the ending credits role.

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