Tuesday, 10 April 2012

What's TBone Watching?


Friggin PVR betrayed me!  I wanted to record Castle and I got this shit pile instead.  Not that Castle is any great work of art but it is kind of fun to heckle while watching.  This latest atrocity from ABC just makes me angry.  I mean, I give them credit for not trying to slip the word "bitch" into another one of their shows but that's all I'm giving them.

I can't wrap my head around ALL of the cliches on display here but take my word for it, there are many.  And LOTS of angry pointing, and angry yelling, and angry walking, and angry typing, and angry phone calling, and angry making out.  So angry.  You'd think I like it more.

But I don't.



  1. I didn't realise you were a Castle-watcher - I would have given you the heads-up. It was originally supposed to be a re-run of the "Kill Shot" episode. New ep on Monday, though. Adam Baldwin as a guns-n-gangs cop with whom Castle tags along.

  2. I'll watch anything Nathan Fillion. Saw the Adam Baldwin guest shot promo. I laughed.