Monday, 9 April 2012


I have a splitting headache.  Completely work related.  My brain feels like it's 5,000 feet under water.  Took my last aspirin with a slug of water from my Winnipeg Jets travel mug.  This mug is pretty much dedicated to water use.  I have my regular travel mug that I bring my coffee in with me so the Jets one is specifically for water and stays at my desk all the time.  Sometimes I don't drink all the water and there could be half a mug of water there at any given time.  I usually give it a shake and see if there's any water left.  I did that this time too.  There was water in there.  I popped the pill and swigged the water.  And then I thought about how that water had been sitting at my desk since last Thursday and how the spout was left open and how a spider could have gotten inside and how I probably just drank that spider and a large portion of its eggs that it probably laid in my mug....

My headache is much worse now.

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