Saturday, 28 April 2012

Ramble On

Oh right, the blog.  After two record setting months, I've had one lazy April for updates.  So here's what's been going on lately:

  • My experimentation with Monster continues.  I tried Monster Rehab.  It says it contains "Protean".  It's gross.  Maybe it's just the mental thought of drinking hot dog juice, but I don't think you should be drinking anything that promotes protein but can't spell it right.
  • I also came across some Baconaise at the grocery store.  "The ultimate bacon-flavored spread" is something I only know about because Jon Stewart sometimes dips Jimmy Dean's Chocolate Chip Pancakes & Sausage on a Stick into a jar of Baconnaise to make a point about North American excess.  So, yah, I bought a jar.  It's gross too!  Somebody just mixed the cheapest bacon bits imagineable with the blandest mayonnaise available.  Don't do it.
  • I had a bottle of Aberlour 12.  Tasty.
  • Jen's road to bridesmaiddom took another step with the bachelorette party.  Meant another trip to Ottawa for me to visit my little munchkin niece and nephew.  They are the cutest but Alice has definitely promoted Jen over me in preference.  Also went out to dinner at the Swan at Carp.  Great beer selection and a very interesting menu.  Highly recommended for anyone out that way.
  • We're all caught up on The Good Wife.  Yah, still fairly solid show.  Now we're on to the Breakout Kings.  Very surprised by this show.  Barely heard anything about it.  A sometimes disturbingly violent show that still has a sense of humour and style.  And a great soundtrack on almost every show.  And Herc from The Wire!  We're 7 shows into season 1 and I'd recommend it.
  • I had a bottle of The Macallan 10.  So good.
  • Hockey playoffs have started!  Great first round saw Crosby get stuffed and Luongo get booted.  Unfortunately the Sens were also shown the door but it was a great series to watch.  Not sure who to pull for now.  Nashville?
  • Lots of stress at work.  Eased off a bit yesterday when my ROPS design passed third party testing.  Such a relief to have somebody verify that I'm actually competent at what I do.
  • Watched Contraband.  Terrible.
  • Watched Puss in Boots.  Meh.
  • Oh, and I want to punch the guy on the 401 who sped up when I moved to pass him.  Really?  I'm not trying to emasculate you jackass.  It's not a question of your manhood.  I just had my cruise control set a little higher than you.  But of course you're not the kind of person to let someone just PASS you.  Fuck nut.
I guess that's about it.  I'll try and get the frequency of posts back up to speed.

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