Sunday, 22 April 2012


My brother-in-law found this particular item in a magazine. He was quite eager to show me.  And rightly so.  A full size stand-up arcade unit is a must-have for any household.  But I was missing the piece de resistance.  After being told several times to take a closer look, I finally clued in on the draught beer handle sticking out between the joystick consoles.

Holy crap, this just may be the best thing ever.  I always thought that a kegerator would be a dangerous thing in a TBone domicile.  But this, man, this would be my utter and complete removal from society.

And it is the real deal.  Check out  Custom built cabinet and all those classic games you played back in the day.  Sure, you could rig something together with a bubba of heineken and an iPad.  But it just wouldn't have the same feel.

Just need to save $3500.  Maybe I'll start taking the empties back to the beer store of just recycling them.

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