Saturday, 10 March 2012

White Out

It's been a long time since I've driven up to Ottawa in under six hours.  Should only take five hours but we always seem to have the worst timing for traffic. This time traffic was great!  But the weather was an absolute bitch. 401 came to a dead stop outside of Kingston. Because of snow fall. Granted it was pretty heavy but a complete stop?  What's the thought process here? You're stopping to ride out the storm in the middle of the 401?

Okay, a bunch of Southern Ontarians can't handle some snow. Frustrating but not unexpected. Then we hit highway 15 on the way to smith's falls and another whack of snow.  And another whack of ninnies crawling along at 40 km/h. This I find unacceptable. This isn't the first time smith's falls has seen snow. I would expect some greater driving abilities from these people.  I guess eastern Ontario is a still a far cry from northern Ontario.

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