Friday, 2 March 2012

What's TBone Drinking?

Old Milwaukee ICE!

I didn't want Old Milwaukee Ice.  I wanted Keiths.  But keiths doesn't come with a convenient plastic 6 pack collector.  I hate collecting all the separate beers I want and then begging for a box at the checkout.  And fuck right off with your paper bag.  Have you ever walked out of the LCBO with twelve separate cans of beer in a paper bag?  Hey thanks for the reminder to keep my hand under the bag but I think I got that figured out.

Whatever happened to those 8 pack cardboard carriers they had at the LCBO?  I had my issues with their origami construction method but it sure beats the current alternative.  As it is, here I am with my Old Milwaukee Ice. Disappointed but sufficiently convenienced.

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