Sunday, 11 March 2012

Tough Shit

Can't seem to go to Ottawa anymore without some poo-related story.  But it occurred to me, this morning, that one of the more challenging aspects of life is that everybody poos.  And you can't always control the environment in which you have to poo.  Sometimes the job just has to get done, in a house you don't live in, on a toilet of odd dimension, and at a time of day that means 7 people are sleeping right across the hall.  My primary goal in this sort of scenario is sound moderation.  And to accomplish this required the sort of pucker control that would have made a 20 year veteran of the London Philharmonic proud.  

And can I say, if you own a house with multiple toilets, you are OBLIGATED to not only stock sufficient paper product but to also provide sufficient "tooling" to overcome any unforeseen plumbing "issues".  There is no greater shame than having to chase down a home owner only to ask "Uhh, do you have a plunger?".  Because, the immediate implication is that if the home owner does not have a plunger, everybody is in for a very interesting morning.

Anyways, no more poo stories for 2012.  Promise.

1 comment:

  1. You should start staying at our house. We now have a toilet in the basement so you can poo to your heart's content.