Thursday, 15 March 2012


We had a slight incident on the way to Ottawa last weekend.  The Acer laptop (as opposed to the Compaq or Dell laptops) was mistaken for an armrest and experienced some slight cracking in the screen area.  The person who perpetrated the cracking felt very bad so I don't feel she needs to be identified.

I, on the other hand, was feeling pretty good.  Broken laptop equals buying a new laptop!  The Acer had been pretty handy.  13" screen, slim profile, usb 3, HDMI, and a robust chassis in all areas except maybe in the screen area.  It was very portable and was great for our many road trips.  But I'm always keen on the latest and greatest and recently I've been getting a hankering for a Lenovo X220 that converts to a tablet.

But Jen seemed a little horrified at the cost and insisted I do some research into replacing the screen on the existing Acer.  That's one upgrade/repair I've never attempted before.  I did a search on youtube and found a video of a guy replacing a screen on my exact model of laptop.  I love that I live in this age.  How do I go about doing such and such?  Don't worry, some guy has video taped himself doing such and such and put it on the internet.  Fantastic.  There was even a link to the site where he bought his replacement screen.

And that's exactly where I ordered the replacement screen. if anybody out there has a similar need.  Shipped from B.C. so no border hassles and I had the new screen in 2 days.  And I tore into my poor little Acer last night to make the repairs.  Piece of cake.  About as easy as changing the battery.  First attempt failed due to an improperly seated connector but it's only 6 screws to get back in there and after 1/2 hour we were back up and running.

So, the new laptop will have to wait for a little while longer.


  1. Pretty awesome. Glad it got fixed. I figured if your screen goes you're pooched.

  2. I suppose the next error would be if someone inadvertently used it as a speed bump. THEN you'd have a new laptop for sure! Whee!