Sunday, 18 March 2012

Mortlach 15

Special visit to the Niagara region with a stop at Chez Robickle. Jody had procured this Mortlach 15, a scotch I'd never seen before. A speyside malt, so I was pretty keen.

The nose was bold and chock full of caramel. Very intriguing. And the taste blooms instantly into a full sherry oak with that same caramel back taste. All that is followed up with a clean finish and a glorious fire in the belly.

This really struck me as very similar to the Cardhu I used to drink back in the day. Bold, challenging, but thoroughly enjoyable.  I really struggled between a 4 and a 5 with this one. I paid nothing for it, its a 5. If I had to pay for it ($100), its a 4.  Hmmm.

Boldly awesome.  4.5 shots.

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