Friday, 23 March 2012


Poured the last bit of cream into my travel mug this morning.  Perfect!  Had just enough cream to make it to the end of the week!  Was feeling pretty pleased with myself as I put the travel mug into the Keurig to fill the rest of it up with sweet, delicious coffee.

As the Keurig churned away, I got my lunch together.  Then I turned back to collect my coffee.  But instead of a creamy, milk chocolate, brown concoction looking up at me, I had a disgusting, watery, milk thing laughing at me.

I had forgotten to put the actual coffee into the Keurig before hitting the Brew button.  Now you can't just turn on a Keurig and hit Brew and get it to spew out hot water.  You have to open the little container hatch and close it before it will let the Brew button activate.  So that's what I had done apparently.  Got all excited about getting the cream to last the week, opened up the Keurig, saw it had no coffee container, closed the Keurig, and hit Brew.

And ruined the last of the cream.


So, here I am, drinking black coffee.  And grumpy as all hell to boot.

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