Sunday, 4 March 2012


These are the ads sprawled across The Onion at the moment:

Frankly, I'm horrified.  Is there any conceivable way that these are targeted ads?  Is there anything in my search or browsing history that would indicate I would respond well to such ads?  Dear sweet Jesus I hope not.  And what monstrosity of Sunday night television is GCB exactly?  Everything shown on these ads only makes me want to cut the entire power to the house from 10 to 11 tonight just on the off chance that I might happen to land on ABC even by accident.  I can't even bring myself to google the meaning of it.


  1. I think The Onion is now a pay site too. Must be under new management.


  2. OH GCB is actually quite good... it's a comedy and Christians AND atheists like it. (Atheist meaning me, but I swear I've seen Christians who say they love it too!)