Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Took my nephew to hockey practice last night.  My second attempt at this and much more successful than the first.  We knew where we were going, we were on time, we had all necessary equipment with us, and I tied his skates up well enough that he didn't fall flat on his face when he stepped on the ice.  Whooo!  Victory!

Just sit back here in the stands and relax while watching a crowd of 7 year olds chase a puck around the ice.  Unfortunately I was not alone.  Soon after practice started, an all-star douchebag and two of his offspring (?) sat in the bleachers next to me.  After finding his seat, he proceeded to spend the next hour doing his absolute best not to shut up.  It was a constant flow of yelling at his kids in the stands, yelling at his kid on the ice, yelling at his kids to stop making so much noise in the stands, laughing at the one kid who started crying, and then yelling some more at the kid on the ice.

The only thing keeping this guy from the Douchebag Of The Year honours is having a cell phone out at the same time as letting everyone know his opinion on how his kid on the ice is doing.

The absolute kicker happened during one session of off-ice encouragement when the entire rink heard him say "YAH!  GET THE PUCK!  GET IT!  SKATE HARD!  GET IT!  YAH!  HIT HIM!".

Hit him?!?

You just told a 7 year old kid to hit another 7 year old kid?  During practice?!?

You, sir, are a horrible person.

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