Friday, 17 February 2012


Big date night last Saturday.  Our first ever "Dinner And A Movie" date.  We had a generous gift certificate from Christmas and Jen suggested we combo it with her air miles movie passes for a night out on the town.

Dinner was at Benjamin's Restaurant & Inn.  The menu looked good and we were really looking forward to it.  It's up in St. Jacob's so we were expecting a swankier environment and it met expectations.  Tres classy.  The manager showed us to our seats and we started perusing the menu.

And then our waitress showed up.  Explained the specials and then left.  And seemed quite pissed that she even had to do that.  No drink order, just said her piece and left before I could even say "What's on tap?".

I was a little miffed that our night out had turned a little sour with the arrival of Surly McSurlington but then we noticed that the waitress who was serving the tables on either side of us was bright and bubbly and friendly.  What the hell?  How come we got stuck with the demon seed?

Now I try and cut wait staff every bit of slack.  I know I wouldn't last an hour in that job.  And there are a couple people in my family who don't treat wait staff with similar empathy so I try and overcompensate at every opportunity.  But man, does it suck the fun out of a dinner when your waiter or waitress is openly hostile to the fact that they have to interact with people.

So there I am stewing over this unfortunate turn of events when I notice that our waitress is tending to the needs of a large table of people where one particularly obnoxious and loud individual was making some particularly rude and inappropriate comments towards our waitress.  So, yah, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have been in the best of moods that evening either if I had to put up with that.

By the end of dinner, our waitress had gotten a little friendlier and I hoped a healthy tip would make her night a little less unpleasant.  I'm very thankful that my income is not dependent on how well I react to assholes.  Maybe she's surly 24 hours a day and it had nothing to do with the loud mouth but, again, I'll always give the benefit of the doubt and allow that everybody is capable of having a bad day.

Oh yah, then we saw a movie.  Safe House.  It sucked.  Boring.

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