Tuesday, 28 February 2012


The thing I love most about gadgets, besides the cool blinking lights, is updating firmware, or themes, or features, or fonts.  I love updates.  It's like buying something awesome and then being rewarded for that purchase with free little downloadable gifts.

I got burned with the HTC Hero.  I was all set to get on board with Android but then my phone was out of date within 2 months.  And then I waited 6 months for an update.  Torture.  Should have been a clear path from Google to my phone but first HTC dragged their feet and then Telus dragged their feet and in the meantime I found out about the wide world of rooting your phone.  And that's why I own a Nexus phone now.  Updates, updates, updates!  As soon as Google releases them, I can get it on my phone.  Or I can put whatever other ROM I want on there.  It's grand.

And when it came time to buy a tablet, I went with the Blackberry Playbook.  When it was released, I knew full well that it didn't have all the features of other tablets but part of the promise of being an early adopter is getting those regular updates.  And it started out ok.  Updates seemed to come every other week.  But it wasn't long before the time between updates stretched to 3 weeks, and then 4 weeks and then this last stretch was 5 months.

But finally, FINALLY, the big update came.  I now have e-mail and spell-check and predictive text.  Yup.  Almost a year after I bought it, I now have the same features an iPad had out of the box.  Fuck.  Why did I bother fighting the Apple tidal wave?

Still, it's a really good web browser.  And the e-mail app is pretty good.  Yah.  Hmm... I wonder if there's a firmware update for my truck stereo yet...

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