Saturday, 25 February 2012

Legally Downloaded Movies of the Week

The Playstation Video Store has been getting a real workout recently.  Could be related to the recent closure of the btjunkie web site but I'm not willing to connect those dots for legal reasons.  Besides it feels kinda good to pay for movies.  Like I'm actually helping support the people who provided this entertainment.  Crazy.

Anyways, first up this week was Killer Elite.  Yah.  I never would have given this movie a second glance but Jen has a bad case of the Stathams.  It's not good.  Great cast but really not a good movie.  And Statham doesn't take his shirt off, not even ONCE, so Jen was disappointed as well.

Then we watched Contagion.  Much better movie.  I really liked it.  But holy crap does it give you the heebie jeebies.  Here's how life as we know it will end.  Not with a terrorist attack but when nature finally decides it has had enough of our nonsense and introduces a new virus into the mix.  Hello armageddon.  Also, don't cheat on your husband.  And don't shake hands with a chef.  And don't go to Hong Kong.  And don't leave your house.  Ever.  Yeesh.  I spent the rest of the night checking my temperature and wondering whether Jen had the sniffles.

Check out Contagion.  Skip Killer Elite.

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  1. After watching Contagion I spent a lot of time seriously thinking about how much food we had that we could live off of if we had to and that perhaps we should expand the garden.