Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Fuck Up

I get angry at a lot of people.  A LOT of people.  But I save my extra special rage for myself.  When I have fucked up I really can’t stand myself.  On an engineering project you always have a feeling about certain aspects that maybe you didn’t spend enough time on or left to somebody else to take care of.  You’re always suspicious of those things and you don’t feel too bad when you’re ultimately let down on those items.  But this fuck up is completely mine and went undetected through 7 prototype builds.  Yah, I can say “Well nobody else noticed” but this is so basic that I”m just ashamed to call myself an engineer at the moment.

Of course, when an engineer fucks up the goodwill and support from co-workers comes out in full force….

Yah, no.  It’s a huge pile-on.  Every nay-sayer is out there claiming they knew it was wrong and bringing that age-old question of whether engineers are even necessary.

Yah, bad day.  Fuck.  Just carry on.  No scotch in the house either.  Jen’s rum is going to take one hell of a hit tonight.


  1. :(
    Poor Ty. I can't relate at all since I'm perfect as you know.