Monday, 20 February 2012

Family Day 2012!

I LOVE Family Day!  I really don't care that it was a McGuinty vote-getting fabrication or that most companies just shuffled a floater day from Christmas to this random day in February.  A mandatory day off in the middle of winter rocks.

And I celebrated as the name of the day intended.  We traveled up to Ottawa to not only visit my parents and my sister and her family but we also had a special guest appearance from my cousin Shelley and her husband Eric and youngin Keller.

Here's a pic of my nephew, niece, and little Keller at the big family dinner:

The "Aryan" quality of this latest generation was not missed.  I was getting a serious Village of the Damned vibe.

But I josh.  Cutest kids ever.  And minimal telekinetic powers.

Jen also continued her stellar streak of awesome gifts for the wee ones.  My niece's birthday was the week following our visit so she looked up local events and found that Disney on Ice was having shows that weekend at the Scotia Bank Place.  My niece is a BIG fan of the Disney princesses.  Here she is primed for the event.

 Alice seems to be a very considerate big sister as she insisted on getting her little brother a souvenir from the event:

 Jen was also very excited about the souvenir and insisted on modeling it for wee Ben.

A great weekend to just chill with the family.  Good times.

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