Sunday, 19 February 2012


I used to be quite the nerd.  Some would marvel at my use of the past tense in that statement but I really am a world apart from where I was when I worked at the Deere.  Back then I ran a server from home and coded my very own hockey pool web site that would scrape stats from every night and update team points.  That was my hobby.  Now, it just seems like so much effort for something that pales in comparison to something like

But I'm getting back into it.  Picked up a contract job to set up a database for my dad's company (3 cheers for nepotism!) and I'm right back into it.  Back in the day, the only reason I could code anything was because of Deja News which eventually became Google Groups.  All answers were there.  Now, a google search is all it takes to figure out any problem.

The reason I bring this up at all is because I'm spending a good deal of the Family Day Weekend coding away in what is probably the most comfortable coding environment I've ever experienced.  Feet kicked up on my parents' leather reclining sofa, wrapped in a warm blanket, hot coffee delivered on demand, and a comfortable pair of headphones.  Coding nirvana.  This is how I imagine the coders at Google spend every day.  Bastards.

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