Friday, 24 February 2012


Man did I need a drink today.  I fully intended to go into the LCBO, grab something dependable, and get out.  But, as I tend to do, I got distracted by something new.  Armorik sounded like a good Scotch name.  Except it's not a Scotch.  It's a whisky alright but it hails from France and not Scotland.  I REALLY wanted a Macallan or Aberlour but I just couldn't say no to this oddity.

The first whiff had me nervous.  It started interestingly enough with a crisp spice but then followed quickly with a kind of sickening, oily bloom.  Not good at all.  Can't really pin point what it reminded me of.  A bad tequila maybe.  Definitely hints of cheap whisky.  Ach.  Ah well, I bought it, might as well keep on truckin'.

And the taste was surprisingly good.  The spice comes to life on first taste much like the aroma but the bloom is a bold caramel instead of oil.  The oil is there still but it's subtle and not too intrusive.  There's hardly any burn to the aftertaste.  Not too bad.

So, not what I needed today and not something I'd get again, but not a bad experiment.  It's not Scotch but it would do if I was stuck in France.

There is no substitute for the real thing.  3 shots.

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