Tuesday, 31 January 2012

TBone Today: Take 2

So, here I am!  On the Blogger platform.  As I mentioned in my last post on tbonetoday.boojah.net, this is the new home for TBone on the internet.  It's a little squarer and some of the picture links may be a little wonky but I'm happy to be here on a managed site that I don't have to worry about scheduling upgrades for anymore.

This is not a condemnation of Wordpress.  I really liked it and enjoyed watching it grow and using each new feature.  There were a couple challenging upgrades but I'd recommend it overall.  The support is out there but I think I'm done tweaking and just want to write on a painless platform even if it is a little blockier to look at.

Let the rage continue!


  1. You know I have to do all sorts of updating because of this right?

  2. I like it. It appeals to my sense of order. I also like that you named it EXACTLY the same, so I could just overwrite my existing bookmark.

    It's the little things...