Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Movie Reviews

Saw a bunch of movies over the last couple weeks.  Don't need to get too in depth on each of these.    But I will save the best for last.

Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol

My yearly visit to an actual movie theater.  Usually happens over the Christmas vacation.  This year we selected the Tom Cruise comeback special.  Gotta say it was way better than I expected.  I was fully engaged right up to the last action scene which just went on a teeny tiny bit too long.  Recommended.

Mission Impossible 3

Seeing 4 got me thinking if I'd ever seen 3.  I have a complete hatred of John Woo movies so I think seeing 2 may have put me off of seeing 3.  In any case, yah, a decent movie.  Good flick for a Sunday afternoon if there's no football on.  Mildly recommended.

Fright Night

A pick for New Year's eve.  I'd heard good things about it.  It was alright.  Not worth an actual rental but if it's on tv go for it.


We watched this for one reason and one reason only.  Jen has a bad case of Stathamitis.  I'm sure there's a shit tonne of artistic value in this movie but I just didn't like it.  Not recommended.


Holy shit, this is the best movie I have seen in a long time.  I had to do a search on the blog to see what movies I thought were exceptional over the last year.  Two stand out: Rise of the Planets of the Apes and The King's Speech.  I'd put this movie above The Apes and maybe even over The King's Speech.  Tough call on The King's Speech.  I think The King's Speech was a better FILM but, man, did I get way more involved in Warrior.  Every fight scene had me yelling and cringing and cheering.  And every bit of dialogue had my intent focus.  Amazing movie.  And Tom Hardy is an absolute beast.  Can't wait to see him in the next Batman.  Yah, I was really expecting this to either be a boring artsy flick or a pandering capitalization of MMA popularity.  And here I am picking it as my movie of 2011.  Fantastic.


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  1. I saw the preview for the Warrior and said to Morgan, "No way. I don't want to watch a fight movie". But then I read your blog and decided I would give it a chance. It was really good. I approve.