Thursday, 5 January 2012


So, this was a gift.  A Christmas gift.  It's a bit of a tough situation to buy scotch as a gift for a guy like me.  Especially if your goal is to buy me something I haven't tried before.  Due diligence was performed and this blog was researched to see if Laphroaig was something I had previously reviewed.  It wasn't, so the purchase was made.  But there's a reason I've never reviewed it.  It's an Islay malt.  And I have mentioned on several occasions that I am not a fan of malts from this region.  But, again, it was a gift.  I was gracious and thankful and now it's time to see if there was any reason for me to have had any doubts in this well-known representative of the Islay region.

The aroma is typical Islay.  Salty and peaty.  But Laphroaig brings some extra meat.  Seriously, there are hints of teriyaki steak in this malt.  Kind of odd but it definitely sets it apart.

And, yah, the taste is all Islay as well.  Salty and peaty.  Laphroaig is the quintessential Islay malt.  There's no real change from taste to after-taste.  It's all salty peat from start to finish and the finish takes a while to come.  It definitely hangs around.

So, the gift was appreciated but this is not the exception to the rule.  I'm still not a fan of the Islays.

Thank Jeebus for chocolate covered almonds.  2 shots.


  1. It's obviously wasted on you. Don't drink it - I'll trade you for it.

    First beer tasting this week (10th). 7:00pm.

  2. I have to drink it. It was a present.

  3. People exchange gifts all the time! If I buy you a pink hat, does that mean you have to wear it? Or a Leafs jersery?

  4. Good point. But the bottle is more than half gone at this point. Therefore it's a moo point.