Sunday, 15 January 2012

Elbow Room Revisited

I used to work at John Deere.  Working at John Deere required a lot of therapy.  I chose my therapy in the form of beer and chicken wings.  And the absolute best place to get those things in Welland was the Elbow Room.  You absolutely reeked of chicken wing grease at the end of the night and you could bet on spending an intimate hour on the crapper the following morning, but the wings were so frigging good.  So, when the Robickles suggested a wing night in Welland to see if the magic was still there, I was first on board.

The Elbow Room is not what you would call "fancy".  It's nestled in the corner of a strip mall and it was always just a comfortable place to drink the stress away while enjoying some amazing wings and maybe watch a sporting event inbetween bitching about work.  Walking back into the place after almost 6 years, I could see almost nothing had changed.  Almost nothing.  One thing I can never remember seeing at the Elbow Room is a live band.  But one was setting up when we walked in yesterday at around 4 in the afternoon.

The whole goal of that night was to check out the wing situation while watching the first playoff football game of the weekend.  Seeing a local band starting up their sound check 15 minutes before kick-off did not give me a very good feeling.  And what a fucking meticulous sound check.  These guys were fine tuning every string and top hat.  It was about an hour of repetitive note striking and calling out "How's that?".  Nerves were on edge, to say the least.  When they did a song it sounded good but holy fuck it's football time not music time.  They did eventually rap things up and we were really able to focus on the beer and wings and football.

And the wings haven't changed a bit.  Still the best wings I've ever had.  Done perfectly.  Really crisp, good sized wings, with a straight up buffalo sauce.  Without equal.  Great football game too.  The only bad thing I can say is that the servers weren't exactly attentive to our needs.

Yah, a good trip down memory lane.  They also seemed to have fixed their ventilation issue and we managed to escape without the legendary grease aroma clinging to our clothes.  So the only thing left to deal with was the inevitable morning after.

And I came out the other side pretty much unaffected!  Sadly, the same can't be said of Jen.  On her first trip to the Elbow Room, she seems to have gotten hold of a bad wing.  Things are... messy.  Enough said.

But man, even with the 16% chance of food poisoning, it is still worth it to try out those wings!

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