Sunday, 29 January 2012


I'd heard about this movie when it first came out and it really sounded promising.  A driver for hire involved in various heists.  Sounded exciting.  Then I started reading and hearing reviews.  A lot of talk about "tension" and "slow burn".  This is critic speak for "boring".  I dismissed it.  Then I started hearing about it again during all the best-of lists for 2011.  Some very interesting cases were made.  Decided to give it a try.

The opening credits came with some flaming pink, miami vice style font accompanied by some Pat Benatar style music.  For a couple minutes I thought I'd mistakenly downloaded porn instead of the movie I was really after.  Man, THAT would be embarrassing... to happen again.

But it was the right movie.  After the credits, we were treated to one of the most boring car chase scenes in cinema history.  That set the tone.  A lot of staring and mumbling in this movie.  Not nearly enough DRIVING.  You know, like the title of your film would kind of indicate would be happening with some frequency throughout the running.  It was nearly an hour after the first car chase that we were treated to the second and last car chase.  The rest of the movie is a bunch of gratuitous gore to try and make you forget about that first hour of nothing you struggled to stay awake through.

Skip it.

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