Friday, 20 January 2012


Change is an interesting thing.  I get that.  You see something that is different than the way it was yesterday, you are more than likely to make a note of it.  But, holy fuck, it shouldn't consume you to the point where you are interrupting everyone around you to point it out.

Case in point, they have moved some walls around in our office.  Where there was a large office for 4 people and a smaller office for 1 person and a closet for drawing files, there is now one larger office for 5 people and drawing files and a closet for 1 person without any sense of claustrophobia.  This has driven some people around the bend.  Every 15 to 30 minutes some random person pops their head in and oohs and ahs and asks why people are sitting in certain spots and who the poor bastard sitting in the closet is going to be.

It is change, it is understandable.  What I don't understand are the repeat visitors.  Yes, it is still different than last week.  Yes, I imagine they will be putting up drywall eventually.  Yes, that is a strange wire dangling from the ceiling.  Yes, the schmuck sitting in the closet really must have done something wrong in his life.

Every day, a new question or comment that interrupts the whole office.  Yesterday, I was working away and a woman actually interrupted me out of everyone in the office just to ask who the closet dweller was going to be.  I snapped.  I didn't fucking know.  I didn't fucking care.  I can see from her perspective that I'm a complete asshole.  It was just one simple question.  But from my perspective it was the five hundredth inane, pointless question that has interrupted me this week.



  1. Oh my god, you've become Welland Tyson again.

  2. Was he ever really gone?