Sunday, 29 January 2012

All Stars

I was so disappointed when I looked at the NHL schedule this week and saw no scheduled games for the weekend.  That could only mean one thing: All Star Weekend.  Yippee.  Nothing bores me more than an all star game.  There's nothing at stake so why bother?  The change to have captains pick their team was kind of interesting but I'm sure it has to be humiliating for a millionaire to sit there and wait for another millionaire to pick him for their team.

I used to watch the skills competition back in the Al Iafrate slap shot days but seeing the highlights this morning with all the props and crowd pandering just made me sick.  What a fucking circus.

It is sweet irony that the NFL pro bowl is on the same day.  What a collosal waste of sporting talent this day is.  Generations will look back on this day to shake their head at its pointlessness.

Go Team Alfredsson.  I guess.

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