Thursday, 29 December 2011

Winter Driving

When I bought my truck this year, I made some compromises.  The big one was going without 4 wheel drive.  I had traction control, I had a limited-slip rear diff, and I hoped that would be enough.  The first winter storm a couple weeks back had me very disappointed.  Didn’t take much at all to get wheel spin.  Yah, I’d have to get some winter tires at the very least.

But I was much more impressed once I got to Ottawa.  The traction and skid control is actually quite impressive.  Yah, I could get the back end out if I wanted to but if I took my time I could keep everything under control.  We had an even bigger test when we got back to Kitchener.  We were driving back from Orangeville and the rain had turned to snow and ice.  We saw a couple closed roads.  And the truck did a decent job.  Not great but decent.

The CeRVix, with its all-wheel drive and winter tires, always gave me the feel of unstoppable power in the winters.  I laughed at those people delicately tip-toeing their way along the highways as I zoomed past them in the tiger clawed CeRVix.  Now I find myself one of those tip-toers.

Ah well, some winter tires and some weight in the back should do wonders.

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