Saturday, 8 October 2011


So, I bought a new laptop.  Did I NEED a new laptop?  No.  Quite plainly, I have enough computer processors in my house to launch the space shuttle and set the new world record at mine sweeper at the same time.  Between the desktop, the netbook, the current laptop, the tablet, and the cell phone, how could I possibly justify this expense?    Like this:

  1. It was on SALE!  Who can pass up a bargain?

  2. It has an HDMI port so it can be connected painlessly to the TV at home or while travelling.

  3. It has a built in web cam so I'm missing out on all those face-to-face skype calls (yah this one is pretty weak).

  4. It has a modern chip with 4 gb of ram.

  5. A 13.3" screen but with a full keyboard.

  6. A USB 3.0 port for future expansion.

  7. Wireless 802.11 N for HD throughput across my network.

  8. My current laptop is over 5 years old, has none of the above features, and the battery will no longer hold a charge.

  9. The netbook is just too small.  For the price it was a revelation in internet access but for just a $100 more I have a device with a usable keyboard and a screen that can display more than two lines of text.

  10. Did I mention it was on sale?

See?  Completely justified, right?


  1. You suck. Wasn't it just a post or two ago that you said there's nothing left for you to buy?

    Now I know why you never want to discuss how much we make, because you obviously make waaaaay more than I do.

    What do you want to trade for a growler of beer?

  2. I seriously didn't need it. I completely lost my mind. No regrets though.

    I don't think I make more money than you. I'm just able to work for more than 2 years straight without going on parental leave.