Wednesday, 7 September 2011

The Kijiji Rush

Sold my first item on Kijiji last Monday. What an experience. My trusty trailer had to be sold. I bought it 6 years ago and it has seen me through a basement renovation, 4 moves, a couple piano relocations, several camping trips and countless fishing trips. It was a fantastic little tool. But with the truck, it just didn't make much sense.

So, I posted my first ad on Kijiji.  Several people I know use Kijiji on a frequent basis and shared many stories of rapid sales.  But I was hesitant.  I'm not a fan of people in general but people who buy used items really creep me out.  I just hate the bartering.  Look, this is the price, either pay it or move in.  I'm not interested in continuing this relationship beyond the price I've asked for my item.  You think that price is too high?  Fuck off then.  The first people that came to look at Jen's car were the worst example of these type of people.  It was all "Oh buddy look at the scratches" and "Oh buddy did you hear that noise?" and "Oh buddy is that an oil leak?" and "Oh buddy I couldn't possibly go any higher than a $1000 less than the ridiculously low price you were asking for this car".  I was so happy when a sensible Northener ended up outbidding that prick by $500.

But back to my trailer.  Six p.m. the ad went up.  6:05 came my first inquiry by e-mail.  And it was a steady stream after that.  I don't know if people set up alerts for trailers or what, but it was kind of spooky how quickly people were finding out about my trailer.  I had priced the trailer at $600, hoping to get $500.  I know, I know, what happened to "This is my price or fuck off" stance?  I just wanted the trailer gone so I decided to play the game.  Sure enough, those that didn't have technical questions were all stating "Would you take $500?".  People from all over Southern Ontario were contacting me but there was one guy who lived about 10 blocks away who said he could come right over.  He came over, looked at the trailer, gave me my $500, and drove away with it.


8:00 p.m.!

Two freaking hours and I had completed my transaction.  Amazing.  What's more, when I came back inside, there was an e-mail from a guy saying "DON'T SELL THE TRAILER! I'LL PAY ASKING PRICE!".  Felt kind of bad.  But not really.  I was actually feeling kind of exhilarated. My brother had described his first Kijiji sale and how he then went on a selling rampage, listing pretty much everything his wife and kids would let him.  I wasn't going to go overboard but the thrill of the quick sale does get the adrenaline going a bit.  Ah, the sad little highs of suburban life!



  1. Love the kijiji but have had both amazing and horrific experiences. Welcome to the drug.

  2. Sold our car in 30 minutes. Creepy for sure.

  3. Dude, you would not believe what you can sell on the website! I have sold a book shelf, hedge trimmer, manual ice auger, miscellaneous furniture but the "pee-ass de resistance"? A cd/TAPE DECK combo portable stereo. That's right. Some guy gave me $20 for a 10 year old portable stereo with a cd and CASSETTE TAPE player. I figure that with anything I want to get rid of now, before I dontae it or take it to the dump, I'll post it on Kijiji.