Monday, 15 August 2011


So, fair is fair.  Jen was a real trooper and hardly put up a fight at all when we headed up to North Bay for my cousin's wedding.  This month, Jen's cousin was getting married so I couldn't very well say no.  I could, however, pout and drag my feet a fair bit.  I was going in with an advantage though.  The Robickles were going too so I was almost guaranteed not to find myself explaining my intentions in regards to young Jennifer to appease any elderly aunts.

And, again, all my worrying was for nothing.  It was a fun crowd, not too many strangers to alcohol.  The ceremony was definitely my style, open country setting with free beer in coolers.  The reception was equally relaxed but I was very grateful for the Robinson nucleus we formed.  We could observe from a safe distance, participate occasionally, and then retreat back to the safety of the herd.  There was some fascinating dance moves on display, I'll say that much.

Of course, I couldn't make it through the entire event without being some sort of jackass.  A very ill-advised prank.  It had the full endorsement of one little Ewok but it ultimately panned as bad as any prank I've ever done.  Ugh.  Sorry babe.

But even with that little bump in the road, it was good times.  Like I said, a fun group.  Always good to meet good people.  No matter how much I resist at the beginning.

Oh, and highly recommend the Stone Gate Inn in Orillia.  Swank.  AND the restaurant 16 Front which is more downtown Orillia.  Great food, atmosphere, and staff.  Yah, good weekend.

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