Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Belwood II - 2011

Took another stab at Belwood Conservation Area this weekend.  The lake is just too nice not to be out on a summer weekend.  Almost nice enough to make up for not catching any fish.  Almost.  It still stings.  I'd been out twice before, once to Belwood and once on the Grand River and been skunked both times.  And it was looking like another skunker.  Two hours in and the clouds were starting to roll in.  But then a hit!  Sweet!  I started reeling in with a huge grin on my face.  A bit of a fight but sure didn't feel like a bass.  And it wasn't.  I caught a catfish.  Kind of freaked me out.  I always associated catfish with the Mississippi river or at least the deep south.  Weird friggin' fish.  No scales, those freaky whiskers, and a mouth that looks like it's loaded with sandpaper.  Popped out the hook and let the little guy go.

So, not a great day of fishing but the important thing is the skunk streak is over.  I caught a fish!

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