Sunday, 17 July 2011

What's TBone Not Watching?


It's pretty disappointing when a show you used to love comes to a point where viewing it only brings rage.  You've committed a devoted viewership and precious disk space on your PVR but that show has declined year over year and you can turn a blind eye to those deficiencies for only so long.  Eventually you find yourself yelling at that very show you used to cherish.

Shows that have made the trek from favoured viewing to outright ridicule include Criminal Minds, House, Dexter, and True Blood.  And now Flashpoint.

I was so proud of Flashpoint just one year ago.  A Canadian production focusing on a Strategic Response Unit team in Toronto.  This is a gorgeous looking show.  It's a showcase for High Def viewing.  And the music selection was always something that stood out as an exceptional production feature.  Sure the stories were a stretch at time and the emotion could be a little overwrought but those were always minor annoyances... until now.

The last episode we watched involved a racially charged riot over a police shooting of a black teenager.  The police officer involved in the shooting has been cleared of any wrong doing and the father of the slain teenager is leading a protest.  The SRU is trying to escort the police officer out of the building to the airport when they are confronted by the protesters.  Notably, there a number of protesters who are covering their faces and waving around pipes and wrenches while chanting at the police.  And right there, RIGHT THERE, is the moment where I am done with this show.  A 6 man team walks out into a crowd of people where there are a number of people wearing masks and brandishing clubs.  I am sorry, but this is bullshit.  People in masks, waving steel pipes around, are not protesting.  They are looking to do damage.  The protest is over.  Riot squad moves in, deploys tear gas, and arrests people.

From that point, the show had lost me.  Everything from that moment just pissed me off more.  The pissy judgement directed from the SRU to the way the riot squad is handling the "protestors", the fact that Spike is just hanging out in his Suburban in the middle of this riot until the rioters notice him, the monumental flip-flop of Hugh Dillon's wife from SRU-hating shrew-harpie hybrid to the SRU's biggest cheerleader.


Erased from the PVR and all future recordings cancelled.  Flashpoint, you are dead to me.  Sorry Dawn.

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  1. Awww, man. Thanks for trying, anyway. Your last paragraph echoes some of my own frustrations with the episode, but I fanwanked it all!!

    I'm surprised you didn't comment on Ed Lane's supposed ability to hit a target 2km away (a feat performed by only a very select few in the world), ~5 months out from potentially career-ending surgery (BTW, Eddie: drop that Sophie and give me a call, son).

    I watched BBC's Sherlock twice this weekend. I love that show. The fact that neither Benedict nor Martin received Emmy nods is a crime, but it should win the categories for which it *was* nominated. Hurry up, 2012.