Saturday, 2 July 2011


Saturday has traditionally been "shopping" day.  You're not at work, you have all day, and everything's open.  Unfortunately, everybody else has figured this out too.  I try not to do any shopping after 10 a.m. but sometimes it can't be helped.  Today I was reminded that there are definitely some places that are worse than others when it comes to Saturday shopping.

So here is my list of top 5 places to avoid shopping at on a Saturday:

5.  Zehrs - I've recently gone over how inconsiderate some people are when grocery shopping.  It's all the same on a Saturday, just more dick heads out shopping.

4. Canadian Tire - I can't count the number of times I've driven into a Canadian Tire parking lot and not even bothered pulling into a spot and worked my way right back out of the parking lot.  Just a zoo on a Saturday.

3. Walmart - I hate this place any day of the week.  Ruining my Saturday is just a little extra "fuck you" from the friendly folks at Walmart.

2. Costco - Have a Costco membership?  Feel like shopping at Costco on a Saturday?  Do yourself a favour and just get somebody to run over you with their car instead.  It's not worth it, seriously.  From the parking lot, to the oversized shopping carts, to the horde of retards shopping there, to the ridiculous lines.  Just don't bother.

1. Ikea - This place is a rude collection of cheapskate yuppies during the week.  On Saturday, it is hell on earth.  Abandon all hope before entering.  If you find yourself at an Ikea on a Saturday, you need to stop and really think about what's wrong with your life that it has lead you to this cluster fuck of a store on this unholiest of days.  I'm crying just thinking about it.


  1. My father passed down the 10am rule to me, and I hold to it. I panic if Jeff suggests going anywhere after 10am on a Saturday.

    The second-to-last time I was at Costco on a Saturday, I had arms filled with chips, bread, and chicken for a BBQ. I literally said "fuck this", and walked past the ridiculous line up to get OUT of the store. The woman at the door told me I couldn't leave - I said, "REALLY!? I'm not planning on returning the FOOD I just bought" and walked past her. Two other families in line behind me followed. It was mayhem, and they finally got a second person on the door. Fight the Power, bitches.

    The tip for IKEA on a Sat, if you have to do it, is go early and have their cheap (but tasty) breakfast. The restaurant is open before the store. When you're done, you can start through the store for your items and be at the cashier when the store opens. TA DA!

  2. I would like to add Home Depot to your list.

  3. Even here in little ole' Sudbury, Costco on Saturdays is sheer insanity. Avoid at all costs. Friday evenings around 6ish seem to work realyl well.