Sunday, 24 July 2011

Not So Grand River

Got my brand new Outdoors Card in the mail this week.  HAD to go fishing this weekend.  New card, new luck.  Living near the Grand River, I'd always heard there was good bass fishing in there.  Looked a little shallow around Kitchener so I thought I'd try down near the South end of Cambridge.

Headed to the launch and dragged the kayak out to the river.  It was a little shallow near shore but it looked pretty good nearer the middle.  Popped my drive fins in, dropped the rudder, grabbed my fishing rod, and threw out my first cast.

And then I ran aground.  Big shelf of rock seemed to run right across the whole river.  Huh.  Shuffled and pushed myself off the rock and threw out another cast.

And then I ran aground again.  And I couldn't push myself off.  So I stepped out of the kayak, stood in the Grand River and pulled my kayak off the rocks.

Okay, so the drive pedals were a no go and the rudder was kept tucked up to avoid the rocks.  It was going to be a straight paddling day.  Except the rocks and current meant that paddling was all I was going to be doing and not too much fishing.  By this point I had drifted down to the first turn in the river and I had realized I had made a mistake in picking the river for today's fishing spot.  Time to call it quits and head back to the truck.

I turned the kayak around and started paddling.  Except I was now moving backwards.  I paddled harder.  Started making forward progress.  Until I reached the first low point in the river and the current just pushed me back.  Well, fuck.  Now what?

Umm, looked around at the shores, no great places to beach.  So, out I get and I start walking up the river, dragging my kayak behind me.  This is not fun.  The current is fast and the terrain rocky.  Every step, I'm visualizing a slip, a cracked ankle, and my kayak with all my fishing gear floating away down the river.

I trudge about a 100 metres or so and see a spot on shore that looks like it has a path leading up the bank.  I make my way across and park the kayak.  I head up the path, hoping to find easy access for my truck.  I end up in what looks like a scrap yard.  I see fencing towards Hwy 24 and go over and make sure the gate is open.  Back to the kayak to grab my truck keys, haul the kayak up from the bank to the yard, and then hike back to the launch to get the truck.

By this point I am drenched in both river water and sweat.  Very happy that I didn't run across anybody on the Grand River Trail on the way back to the truck.  Hopped in the truck drove back to collect the kayak.

And that was my big fishing outing.  Still riding a big ole zero on the fish total for the summer.  Yah, not so grand.  So the rest of the day is all about the playstation.  Stupid outdoors.

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