Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Golf 2011

First game of golf for 2011 yesterday.

Stupid fucking game.

My buddy Schmeck and I went in on some wagjag or groupon thing for a round with cart at Willow Valley in Mount Hope.  Nice course but their specialty seems to be sand traps.


I stopped counting my strokes half way through the back nine.

I can't remember if I swore off golf last year or not.  That's how I usually end the golf season.  No more golf, that's it, stupid fucking game, waste of fucking time and money.  And then I go back at it the next year.  I think it might actually be permanent this year.   I'm having nightmares where I'm being buried in sand and I'm swinging a shovel like crazy to dig my way out but it just doesn't help.

Ach, stupid fucking game.

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