Sunday, 3 July 2011

Fishin' 2011

FINALLY got out for some fishing this Canada Day weekend.  Very excited.  Spent Canada Day going through the tackle and tossing the junk.  Hosed down the kayak, sending an infestation of earwigs to their maker.  Got the rods out and made sure the lines were still good.  Sunday morning it was go time!

This was also going to be the first run with the new truck.  Loading was a breeze.  Backed right onto the front yard, slid in the kayak and lashed her down to the easily accessible tie-downs.  Boom.  Done.  So much easier than dicking around with that trailer.

So everything packed up and away I go.  Last year was a real disappointment with surrounding "lakes".  This time I'd selected the Belwood Conservation Area.  A man-made lake at the head of the Grand River past Fergus.  A five dollar entrance fee but what the heck.  Got there around 9:30 and it wasn't too busy.  Lots of parking and an easy spot to launch the kayak.  Slid everything out, loaded up the kayak and then.... then I realized I had never renewed my fishing license.  Crap.

So, this is where gadgets really come in handy.  Got online with my phone and renewed my license right there at the lake.  I didn't have any physical proof of my new license but if I did get hassled, at least I could pull out my phone and show the electronic version that I purchased that morning.

Finally, into the water.  And Belwood is a pretty nice lake for Southern Ontario.  Lots of structure, a deep bay that's free from the recreational boaters, a setting that's just made for bass fishing.  Just no actual fish.  I was out there for three hours.  Not a bite.  I saw one little perch chase one of my spoons.  That's it.  I talked to one of the boaters and they said they were spotting lots of fish closer to the middle of the bay but no actual bites.  That's fishing.  Sometimes they're just not into eating.

Next time I'll get my ass in gear a little earlier.  It wasn't too busy when I got there but it was a freaking zoo when I came off the water around 12:30.  Again, couldn't be happier with the truck.  Loaded up and out of there in minutes.

So, no fish but still a great way to spend a couple hours on a sunny day in the summer.  I'll definitely come back to Belwood too.  The fish are there, just have to figure out a better approach.


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