Sunday, 17 July 2011


Big relationship test this weekend.  My cousin Peter was getting married and there didn't seem any way to avoid exposing my lady love to the madness that is my extended family.  I did everything I could to prep Jen for this weekend.  There were flash cards with pictures of aunts, uncles, cousins and various topics to avoid talking about with each individual.  I extracted promises from my brother and sister to make sure Jen was never left unattended to avoid any question laden ambushes.  I warned Jen repeatedly not to start conversations with unknown people and to avoid eye contact at all cost.

I was stressed.  Putting up with my nuttiness is one thing.  Having the entire Clan TBone gawk at you at one time is something else entirely.

But I shouldn't have worried.  This happens with every family get together.  I look for every excuse to avoid it, if one isn't available I go in kicking and screaming, and then I eventually have a good time.  You'd think I'd eventually relax about these get togethers but I'm nothing if not irrational.

Peter and Crystal had a great marriage ceremony, looking like a fairy tale couple the whole evening.  So happy they asked us to be part of it despite my neuroses.  And Jen was a champ throughout, winning over many an over-protective aunt and cousin.  We had fun even though Jen still feels a little inhibited in front of my folks.  Once she realizes they are every bit as crazy as I am, I'm sure that will pass too.

We also managed to fit in a visit to Kevin and Joanna to deliver the fabled Yarosh Pig Roaster.  Sad to see that magical appliance leave the Niagara region but glad to see it revived to get some actual use.  Visits to the Yarosh household don't happen too often now that they are up North so happy we could add a visit to this trip and great to see them doing so well.

Also fit in a side trip on the way home to have lunch with Jen's friends Lisa and Chris.  Cool peeps that don't betray even the slightest hint that they think I'm bad news for their friend Jen.  Phew!

A good weekend, filled with friends and family, and a superstar girlfriend who made it a great weekend just by being there with me.


  1. How soon you forget Jen-nay's time at Day's Inn. There isn't a personality on earth that she hasn't wrangled. She's a professional, it's very impressive.

  2. And she totally won Ben over with her decorative boobs :)

  3. Not surprised, that's how she won me over.