Sunday, 5 June 2011

You can dance if you want to...

Big shout out to the newly wedded Mr. and Mrs. Smith!  A spectacular bash in the Niagara region as two good friends tied the knot.  These are Deere peeps which means a gathering of many Deere peeps.  And it was practically the whole crew.  Great to see so many friends at the same time.

The Robickles had a great idea for a wedding gift.  A toilet.  I guess there had been numerous complaints about their current installation.  Once we had all agreed on the toilet, things quickly escalated as we came up with "accessories" to accompany the main gift.  Peanuts, all bran, candy corn, oh henry bars, a snake, a toilet time golf game, and many more items got tacked onto the box.  My personal favourites were the books "Everyone Poops" and "Everybody Poops 410 pounds a year".

Elisa (with the assistance of James) did a great job of tying everything together.

With everyone together it was also nice to make introductions to some of the newer members of the group.  I didn't take a lot of pictures but I was very happy to grab this one of wee Ben meeting Tiger.

Obviously the wedding wasn't just about us.  Although we did take great personal pleasure in walking into a formal event with a toilet bowl decorated with the Bristol Stool Chart, the day really was about Dawn and Jeff.  It was quite an event.  Fantastic food, bountiful booze, flashy fireworks, speeches that both touched and made us laugh, boobs teetering on the edge of full exposure, severe head injuries, and dancing.  Yes, even TBone took to the dance floor for a few spins with his lady love.  As opposed to the Yarosh wedding, I began dancing with reasonable control of my senses and remembered the entire event the day after.  There is apparently a video of this situation.  A video that will never see the light of day as I foresee an electrical "issue" occurring in the near future at the Allenses household.

All in celebration of the marriage of Dawn and Jeff.  I hope you guys had as much fun as we did.  Thanks for asking us to be part of this special day.  Your families and non-deere friends were great party-mates.   All our best and congratulations!

Oh, and not sure why, but the only other photo I had of the night was a fascinating footwear perspective.

Yup, shoes.  Don't ask.  I have no answers.


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  1. Thanks so much for coming to the festivities and for the spectacular gift! We had so much fun and hope everyone did as well. It was such a night to remember - hopefully everyone does!

    So many comments on the toilet by other guests, "Do you know there's a toilet over there?" "Did you WANT a toilet?". We love it, it's such a reflection of our friendship with everyone involved and so generous - particularly the thought to include the very important *installation* element!

    There was a bit of an obsession with my shoes by all guests, so I'm not surprised by the photo. Those Pumas matched the bridesmaid dresses perfectly. And no, there was no double-sided tape involved in the bridesmaid dresses, either! It was just gravity toying with all the boys.

    Finally, I must just add how much I love this post is tagged butterflies and rainbows! Woo!