Monday, 13 June 2011


Who would I like to punch in the face this week?

The jack-knob who parked right next to me at the grocery store.

Now I knew that buying a full size truck was going to be an adjustment.  It is a wider vehicle, longer wheelbase, and wide swinging doors.  That's why I park further away from stores now.  I choose spots that are not only free from nearby vehicles but are so far away from the store that it is INCONCEIVABLE that ANYBODY would choose to park anywhere near my truck.

Except for this fucktard.  Cozied right up to my driver side.  Plenty of other spots to choose from.  Closer spots.  Coveted "pull through" spots.  Spots that were free of neighbouring vehicles just like MINE was before I went into the store.  Fucking idiot.

So, in all likelihood, I wouldn't have punched this moron in the face if he'd been there when I got out of the store.  But there should be no shock at the lovely new grey crease that's now in his passenger side door.


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