Friday, 10 June 2011


Who would I like to punch in the face this week?

Oh so many options on this fine glorious day.  Who is most worthy?  Who REALLY needs a punch in the face?  Well, I'll keep it to the theoretical this week.  I would really like to plant my fist in the face of the short-sighted fucknut who thought adding video poker to all the lottery terminals in Ontario was a good idea.  Why?  Did somebody do a study and determine that lines at corner store cashiers were moving too quickly?  It's bad enough that each order for smokes results in a 5 minute game of flip the child-saving shelf covers in a futile quest for that last pack of Johnny Lung Black Slims - King Pack.  Now I have to stand there and watch as some slack jawed gambling addict lays down a toonie, draws a pair on the lottery monitor, goes for another hand, draws another pair, goes for another hand, draws another pair, goes for another hand, busted, puts down another toonie, draws another pair, FUCK!

Obviously this is generating revenue.  Good for the OLG.  Maybe they can hire another cashier for the corner store that JUST handles the poker rejects.


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