Friday, 17 June 2011

Hockey 2010-2011

So another season is over.  It's just bizarre that it's still being played in the middle of June.  But whatever.  There's no hiding the fact that it's been a disappointing season as a Senators fan.  Things were looking up at the end of the regular season though.  We seem to have solved our goalie issue and the team shed themselves of some horrible dead wood (I'm looking at you Kovie).  I was a little puzzled that Clouston took the fall alone.  Brian Murray has done nothing to show he has the chops to put together a winning team.  But we'll see.

Anyways, back to the playoffs.  Game 7 of the Stanley Cup playoffs to be precise.  Vancouver vs. Boston.  Perfect home records for the previous 6 games.  I was actually pretty excited.  And I actually watched the whole game from start to finish.  The one and only game I did that for the whole playoffs.  I had to cheer for Boston.  Not very patriotic but Vancouver had shown themselves to be tremendous douchebags unworthy of my support.  And there are so many people worth cheering for on Boston, Tim Thomas, Big Chara, Dan Paille (worked with his dad, Ray, at the Deere!), Chris Kelly, Nathan Horton, Kaberle...  wait, no, fuck Kaberle but the rest just seemed like a great squad and I was pulling for them.

And they won!  And Vancouver burned.  Nice.  Just goes to show that Vancouver has their share of douchebags off the ice as well.  They shouldn't feel too bad though.  I'm sure they would have burned if they'd won the cup too.

A disheartening year that partially redeemed itself with an emotional finish.  And the deafening boos for Gary Bettman as he tried to make the presentations after the game was a nice touch too.  Fuck you Gary Bettman.  Stop ruining this game!  But yah, looking forward to next year.  If Winnipeg comes back with the Jets name, as they should, there will be an epic realignment of hockey allegiance.  But I don't put it past Bettman to fuck this up too.  So we'll have to wait and see.  Good times!


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  1. I was cheering for Boston too... for the whole playoffs (this is the first time I've cheered for a winning team). Just had to support Chara and Kelly.