Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Good riddance!

Happy to report that Pierre McGuire has left the Canadian airwaves!  The most aggravating voice on any hockey broadcast has left TSN for the opportunities of working solely for NBC and Versus in the states.


Don't let the door hit you on the way out!

I may actually watch TSN broadcasts next year.  More importantly, I may actually LISTEN to a TSN broadcast.  It's such a relief that I won't be scrambling for the mute button next year.

Being  a public figure probably isn't that easy.  I'm sure he's a nice guy off air.  I wish him all the best with NBC.  Just don't ever come back.

Thanks to Dawn for forwarding the good news!


  1. My first reaction was relief. I'm glad to be able to watch TSN broadcasts without muting them. He's just so annoying on-air. The WJC will never be the same (thankfully).

    My second reaction was, "good for him". He has a wife and two young kids - I can't imagine they see much of him at all during the season, particularly playoffs when he was pulling double duty almost daily between Versus/NBC and TSN.

    As someone said yesterday "Wait, the Americans gave us back the Jets AND took McGuire?! I'm starting to like these cats!".

    My only worry is, if TSN thought he was good enough to keep for so long, what raging idiot will be filling his shoes?

  2. Tie Domi? Haven't seen him on TSN in a while.