Sunday, 26 June 2011

Glengoyne 10

Another surprise at the old LCBO.  The Glengoyne 10 year old single malt.  Thought I'd had it before and I very well might have but I'd never recorded my impressions.  It's a mid 50 dollar bottle from the highlands so I was pretty comfortable taking a run at it.

The first whiff is subtle.  Ice totally overpowers any fragrance so you have to work hard to pick up subtle notes of sea air and a faint caramel.  Add that to a light colour and I'm not expecting a very dynamic drink tasting.

The taste delivers though.  Nothing in your face but a smooth delivery that blooms into a smokey, light wood after-taste.  The burn down the throat is gradual and doesn't over power.  Very pleasant overall.  A smooth, easy to drink, malt.  A little plainer than my favoured Aberlour 12 but a great bottle to have on hand any day of the week.

Smooth and pleasant.  4 shots!

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