Wednesday, 29 June 2011


This one's for my sister who always felt compelled to share her dreams.  No matter how clearly insane they made her appear.

Monday night, as the sickness was really taking hold, I took my sniveling corpse to the spare bedroom.  I fell instantly asleep and was soon in a very real life type dream.  In this dream I woke up, still sick, and went to work.  Straight to work.  No additional clothing.  Just hopped in the truck and went off to work in my gitch and t-shirt.

Sat down at my desk, drank my coffee, surfed the web, then went out to the shop floor to see how things were progressing.  No one mentioned my lack of pants.  Talked with the mechanics for a few minutes then fell forward, flat on my face, as I seemed to have passed out.  I could still hear people around me though.  There were many conversations, some involving my situation, some not.  I remember the safety lady saying "Oh dear, he's twitching, we'll have to get him home".

Apparently they called my brother and my girlfriend as emergency contacts because they are the ones that got me home and up the stairs to the spare bedroom.  Then they started renovating the room beside me and tore down the outside wall.  And then my brother started hitting golf balls out the new hole in my house, off the second floor and into the neighbourhood behind me.  Except he wasn't MY brother anymore.  At some point he had transformed into the older brother from Everybody Loves Raymond.

And then I woke up.  And I was honestly confused as to whether I had actually gone in to work already that morning.  Checking my phone and seeing that it was only 6:00 am, put me at ease that I hadn't gone into work wearing only my underwear and that my brother wasn't  Brad Garrett.  Yah, I was pretty sure I was going to stay home that morning.

Interpretations of this dream are welcome in the comment section below.  Thank you for listening.

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  1. Oh dear... I'm crying because I'm laughing so hard. See? Sharing dreams mean making other people laughed.
    I think the pantless dreams mean you're worried about something being exposed (like a mistake you've made or something).